Flight attendant explains importance of putting tray tables up during take-off

The cabin crew staff have an important job of keeping passengers safe during flights. So have you ever wondered why the staff make you put your tray tables up during take-off?

And of course, safety is an important factor to bear in mind during a trip.

So have you ever wondered why passengers must put their tray tables up during take-off?

Although an incident in the air is quite rare, you will always be asked to put the tables up during certain times.

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There's a reason why your tray table should be up during take-off

The anonymous worker says tables must be stowed away “because if there’s an emergency, you can’t evacuate”.

Speaking on the social media platform, the worker added: “Also that’s why your seat can’t be back.

“It’s not for you, it’s for the person behind you. Same reason you can’t have anything in the aisle.

“If there’s something in the way, you can hit your head on it an that’s how most accidents happen.”

The flight attendants talk through the safety procedures at the start

And that’s not the only flight secret there is.

Previously, a pilot talked about the common “nuisance” on a plane and when you should worry.

While there is usually nothing to fear when the ride is slightly bumpy, the pilot revealed how dangerous air bubbles are.

The most common cause is turbulent air in the atmosphere and the uncertainty is enough to put some flyers on edge.

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