Bizarre Reptilian Creature Recorded in the Drainage of UK (VIDEO)


There are many stories according to which strange forms of life live under the Earth. In any case, those stories usually stay on the internet and never reaches a worldwide audience.

There are many stories of creatures that come from hell and are among us since the dawn of time.

The most controversial video in the history of YouTube is one which shows a creature of Reptilian aspect filmed in a British museum. However, there are four videos like this one that was published on YouTube.

The responsible for uploading those recording was a company called United Utilities, a company responsible for water in the United Kingdom.

Many conspirators began to discuss and analyze the images claiming that it was indeed a Reptilian creature. The Leigh Journal was the first to collect the images and review them.

Mike Wood, manager of the sewer system at United Utilities said that many employees had reported sightings of some strange creature so they started to review the entire network of pipes.

As the videos gained more and more popularity, the theory that it could be a reptilian began to take much more strength among the public.